ChocolateFudge Pudding

Amazing! Such agood-looking chocolate cake can be baked so easily.



120g (4 oz.) Butter
120g (4 oz.) Sugar
2 eggs
90g (3 oz.) self-raising flour
2 table spoons Cocoa powder
1-2 table spoons milk
vanilla essence

120g (4 oz.) Brown sugar
2 table spoons cocoa powder
285cc (1/2 pint.) boiling water.


Set oven to 190C(375F). Place all the pudding ingredients into a bowl and beat well to a soft consistency. Put into a greased baking dish.

Make the sauce by combining the sugar and cocoa powder in a bowl and adding the hot water. Mix well. Pour this sauce over the pudding mixture. Bake for 40 minutes.

Turn out the pudding and you will find a thick chocolate sauce has formed, coating a light sponge pudding.


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